Compassionate Healthcare was founded by mother and son team, Cindi and Justin Harris. Cindi has been in the personal care field for more than 10 years working for other personal care and home health companies and Justin has been working in the medical industry for the last 8 years, most of it in multiple roles with Abbott Laboratories.

Justin's grandparents needed a little help to make their days more productive, so he decided to do some homework and find them good help at an affordable price. After several different care givers and multiple agencies, he was not satisfied with the level of care his grandparents were receiving. One day when Justin and Cindi were having lunch, they talked about the level of care that was being provided to his grandparents and other people Cindi knew that needed a little extra care at home. At the same time, Cindi was also disappointed that she could not provide care for all the people that were asking for her help. Cindi was receiving multiple calls a week from people that had been referred to her from her current and past clients. As it turned out, many people were not happy with the service they were receiving, not just Justin and his grandparents.

This lunch conversation led them to the idea of Compassionate Healthcare. They were determined to offer people the little extra help they needed in the manner they expected and deserved.

Compassionate Healthcare is about the special people that need or want a little help while bringing them the dignity and quality of life they deserve. Compassionate Healthcare provides personalized, non-medical, care in your place of residence. We make sure your safety is our priority and hope to put a smile on your face everyday one of our caregivers is in your home.

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